#Job – Italy Country Manager @ WeRoad

WeRoad is a community of travelers, united by their love for travel, adventure, and discovering faraway lands and cultures. We bring together small groups of like-minded millennials and send them on life-changing experiences to 80+ destinations all over the globe.



Launched just a few years ago in spring 2017, WeRoad was founded based on our belief that when we get out of our comfort zones, travel to faraway places, and immerse ourselves in other cultures, we change our lives for the better. And that when we share the experience with like-minded people, we create memories and connections that last a lifetime.

Our mission is to design and deliver experiences worth living and sharing, rewriting the rules of the travel industry, every step of the way. We’re a dynamic, young, and hungry startup that’s experiencing exponential growth in Italy: in 2017 110 WeRoaders traveled the world with us and this number grew to 2.150 in 2018 and more than 8.000 in 2019. And we won’t stop here: this year, in addition to doubling our growth again in Italy, we’re taking WeRoad international for the first time with the launch of WeRoad Spain in Madrid!

In just a few years we’ve reached incredible results here in Italy. The key to our success? Our ability to work on a million things at once – from product to content to technology to people – and to connect the dots in order to develop one single winning strategy, perfectly designed for our target.

As Italy Country Manager, your mission will be to drive our business growth in Italy.

This role is for the ambitious and entrepreneurial. You will be the owner of the country P&L, leading our operations and team in Italy!